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What if Candy Hearts Meant Something?

Love is a lot of things. Mostly, love is a verb. It’s an action which takes many forms. Jesus didn’t love standing still. I can’t do it either. When I think of love, it’s something someone does for… Read More

Being Brave

This is the year I become brave. This is also the year I work on being more intentional, present, and honest with myself. Let’s face it, being human limits us in ways we do not want to be… Read More

Begin to Love Your Neighbor

I watch them walk every morning. They put on their reflective jackets and get outside, usually before the sun is up. On occasion, they stop, and we chat if I am out there. Normally they do their thing… Read More

Encouragement to be More Than “OK”

How easy it is to deceive others with a fake smile and an off-hand laugh. How easy it is to make people believe what they want to believe- that you are alright and your world is stable and… Read More

The Day I Let Animosity Go

Forgiveness is not easy. It requires a lot of time, patience and most of all grace. Often we don’t realize how much work it takes. It isn’t only about the person we need to forgive either. We have… Read More

The Dirt of Distraction

There are certain things which distract me on Sunday morning. People, of course, are always going to distract me. Sometimes it’s the earrings of the woman in front of me. Sometimes it’s somebody’s tag sticking out of their… Read More