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Everything is good with Jesus, coffee, and a little inspiration to start the day. Hello, I am Angie Dailey. I spend most of my time with my hubs, adult and at home kiddos, and grandchildren; enjoying every minute of their lives is fascinating to me. I am truly blessed to be able to write on my own blog, and to share the Creator of the Universe with you.  I love coffee, friends, family and my chickens.  I live in a rural area of Ohio where the corn is a great privacy fence and there is always room for one more around our table. I hope you enjoy what you read and come visit me often.

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  1. I just read your post on Spiritual Intimacy on ‘Unveiled and Revealed’. I really enjoyed reading it. I am an emotional, deep feeling kind of person anyway, but whenever I’m in prayer or sitting in church I start to cry. I’m still a little embarrassed about it in church, but then I tell myself this is the one place I should freely be able to weep regardless of what others think of me. The church sanctuary is like a spiritual hospital for every human heart. The Spirit moves and it is almost to much to take- I’m completely overcome & humbled. Thank you for sharing your precious & personal words with us.

    • Thank You so much! I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Spiritual Intimacy is tough- especially when we realize how deep it flows. It is an amazing journey.

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