Bible Journaling Journey- Genesis 4

Genesis 4

The first family tree!

I was so excited when I realized this was legitimately the first family tree. There is something special about a family tree. It’s a good visual symbol of where you have come from and how unlimited the potential for growth is.

The further back we go in our genealogy, the more vast the branches expand. Just like a tree, families can be traced to roots. They go deep and we cannot grow without them. They contain leaves and sometimes nuts. Trees are a symbol of strength, endurance, and calm. They stand strong during storms, recover after long winters and bloom in the springtime to produce fresh air and lasting beauty.

Like trees, families also grow through time. This particular first family grew out of sin. It was a man-made mistake that started the entire process of this first family tree. Adam and Eve were tossed out of the garden and were cursed to birth and maintain their own family. They had Cain and Abel. Cain was jealous of Able and murdered him. He left the area, married and began his own branch of the family tree.

Adam and Eve had another son named Seth, who also married and added another branch to the family tree.

I have a family tree painted on my wall in my house. Its branches represent people and time gone by. It also represents the future and where our family is headed.

What does your family tree hold?

For these two pages, I outlined a family tree with a Crayola watercolor pencil, then used an Aqua pen to finish the paint. I also used a watercolor pencil for the hashtag. I used a brush pen for the highlighting.


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