Bible Journaling Psalm 119

One of my favorite scriptures I learned from an Amy Grant song. I used to babysit a trio of siblings as a teen and play this album over and over. There have been times when I have chosen to cling to this verse. It has provided life-blood for me in ways I can only touch the surface of.

The words of the song ring true to the scripture. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” If I really think about the words, I can apply them to nearly every life circumstance.

“Thy word” refers to scripture in its entirety.

It directs me back to the beginning- the best starting place. I study old favorites like the story of Creation, and I am reminded of the love it took for God to create all of this. It shows me there is good in things we may perceive as bad. It reminds me there is hope for every situation. I need hope desperately some days.

The page design was part of The Art of Bible Journaling, and I used a traceable for transferring the graphic over. I used gel pens and colored pencils for the graphic. I finished the page with a watercolor light shining across the page.

This was a lot of detail work, but it was simple. I surprised myself at how nice and quickly it came together.


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