Bible Journaling Journey Genesis 2

This week’s Bible Journaling comes from Genesis, chapter 2.

The beginning is the place in scripture where everything happens which brings us to today. This particular book addresses the Garden of Eden, a cherished place in my heart which I hope to see one day. Being a “plant” person, I can only imagine its beauty. Of course, the serpent didn’t want Adam and Eve to enjoy it- he was missing out on a lot already. His relationship with God was tarnished- he needed to feel important, in control and worked very hard to manipulate these first two humans.

Much like today, the serpent slithered his way into their minds and hearts, convincing these first people God didn’t actually mean what he said. He manipulated the use of emotion to change their thinking. He made them think they could have something God was withholding from them, and they deserved it all.

Much like today, after a period of time, these people realized their mistake. They realized their nudity, they understood shame, disobedience, and sin. They were afraid of facing their God because they hadn’t followed his instructions. They knew in their hearts they were wrong to question all he had in store for them. They lost everything.

Their lives were turned into turmoil. He was cursed to work the ground, dry and hard or flooded and impossible. She was cursed with the pains of childbirth, an unmatchable agony. They had their eyes opened to things which weren’t necessary. There were consequences to their actions, their sin.

How many times have we suffered consequences as a direct result of ignoring the Holy Spirits prompting?

How many times have we let our Bible collect dust instead of turning to it in times of trial or joy? 

We do have free will, so how do we know when we have crossed the line from God’s will to our own?

I have a certain fascination with trees. The way they know how to start as a tiny acorn, yet grow into a mighty oak. Only the whisper of God could do that. The branches spreading far and wide, like the arms of a mother gathering her babies up. The shade to keep us cool, the leaves for a fall show and the buds in the spring to show us winter is over at last. The way a tree dances in the wind, mighty and strong, yet delicate and beautiful.  For the beginning of mankind’s story to rest on the branches of a forbidden tree is amazing.

**The tree I painted with watercolors, accented with gel pens. I had already written some notes on this page, so I worked around them to keep my record of my journey. I drew a small vine with gel pens also, accenting the scripture on the page.


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