Month: December 2017

Bible Journaling Journey Genesis 2

This week’s Bible Journaling comes from Genesis, chapter 2. The beginning is the place in scripture where everything happens which brings us to today. This particular book addresses the Garden of Eden, a cherished place in my heart… Read More

Twas the Week Before Christmas: A Tribute

T’was the week before Christmas, when all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, even that dang mouse! The stockings were sitting on top of a box, Mom gave up trying to hang them, She was busy… Read More

Bible Journaling Journey

For this week, I watched and waited for the UPS man to deliver my gel pens! I have not been so excited for a box in a long time. When they arrived, I was anxious to get home… Read More

The Most Important Words

The choice to live on a farm in the middle of a cornfield seemed overwhelming at first. I was worried about my children being “separated” from the small-town life they were accustomed to. There weren’t any sidewalks for… Read More

Bible Journaling Journey: And So It Begins

This week for my first **official** Bible Journaling post, I decided to inventory my goods. Basically, I need to purchase a few things so I don’t ruin my pages with the wrong type of permanent marker or pen…. Read More

Encouragement to be More Than “OK”

How easy it is to deceive others with a fake smile and an off-hand laugh. How easy it is to make people believe what they want to believe- that you are alright and your world is stable and… Read More