Matthew 27:37-38

What if Candy Hearts Meant Something?

Love is a lot of things.

Mostly, love is a verb.

It’s an action which takes many forms.

Jesus didn’t love standing still. I can’t do it either.

When I think of love, it’s something someone does for others. It comes in big packages and small. Opening a door for a lady with her arms full, paying off a loan for a young couple and sending a thinking of you text to a friend are all examples.

My favorite love in action occurrences happens when they are least expected. They come from genuine servitude. It is a high honor for me to receive something like this from a friend. It’s an even higher honor to shower someone else with this type of blessing. Approaching the “Love Holiday”, I wonder about a couple things. Read More

Song of Songs 1:15

Song of Songs

Genesis 9:12-13

Bible Journaling Journey- Genesis 4

Genesis 4

The first family tree!

I was so excited when I realized this was legitimately the first family tree. There is something special about a family tree. It’s a good visual symbol of where you have come from and how unlimited the potential for growth is.

The further back we go in our genealogy, the more vast the branches expand. Just like a tree, families can be traced to roots. They go deep and we cannot grow without them. They contain leaves and sometimes nuts. Trees are a symbol of strength, endurance, and calm. They stand strong during storms, recover after long winters and bloom in the springtime to produce fresh air and lasting beauty. Read More

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Grandma always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

She also encouraged the Golden Rule and Loving your neighbors.

If she were alive today, she would be really surprised, and I daresay, disappointed.

The things we read sometimes make us shake our head. We have all done it- shared something border-line inappropriate. Maybe we have at times also shared a few distasteful things which struck us as funny. We all have been subjected to the ups and downs of social media and all its issues. There are a lot of things to consider when posting, reposting and sharing. The most important thing we need to protect? Read More

Genesis 2:1

Stephen: His Last Moments

I want to spend a moment talking about Stephen.

I am always blown away when I re-read scripture. How many things I learn. Stephen and his story are so amazing. He was such a humble, yet fierce man. He was not afraid of anything.

The Sanhedrin pushed his buttons trying repeatedly to get him to come undone. They tried to trip him up in his testimony, using his own words against him. He was so much smarter than they were. So much savvier. I know the Holy Spirit was his guide. His words were flawless.

Flawless and true. These men in leadership couldn’t handle Stephen. They couldn’t begin to comprehend all he knew, and how he knew it. They couldn’t argue with his position, his experience, his collected authority of words. Read More

Genesis 1:4